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Admission Requirements


     It is preferred that applicants be sponsored through at least two written recommendations by an ordained person to be eligible for a consideration for admission as seminarians.  Requirements for our admission to the seminary may be separate and distinct from those required for ones own diocese or religious community.  No more than 25 percent of the credits required and validated through our review process for degree shall be awarded for prior learning.


  1. Complete official written and/or oral examination at time of applicant's entrance into seminary.  (Optional)
  2. Candidates must present the following academic credentials:
  3. G.E.D. (General Education Degree) of high school diploma, and/or student must be working towards G.E.D.
  4. Honest desire for seminary work by written statement and two written recommendations by an ordained person or non-relative.  (Optional)
  5. Interview by Dean and/or Clergy.

Confession of faith; the principles of seminary life must be accepted and signed. (Optional)

  1. Transfer students will be placed according to requirements met by Canon Law

the Program of Priestly Formation.


      Each candidate is responsible for providing the seminary with the following records in a timely fashion.

  1. Official Transcripts/ Degrees from each seminary, college, institution, and university attended are to be sent to the seminary.
  2. Record of any official church ministry previously received.
  3. Web Site recruitment.

     St. Michael Seminary reserves the right to require an entrance examination of a student and/ or to admit him on probation.  St. Michael Seminary reserves the right to refuse, to admit or readmit any student at any time should it be deemed to be required in the interest of the student or the seminary to do so, and to require the withdrawal of any student/ faculty at any time who fails to give honest cooperation in requirements for acceptable scholarship and behavior.

The effect of absences upon grades is determined by the instructor and ST. MICHAEL ACADEMY OF ESCHATOLOGY reserves the right to deal at anytime with individual cases of nonattendance.

Final Exams and/or Thesis Paper, Field Projects for Fall & Spring are due during the last week of each semester.  Course examinations may be given at the discretion of the faculty member teaching the course.

As condition to enrollment, students agree that upon completion of their thesis, it becomes the sole ownership of ST. MICHAEL ACADEMY OF ESCHATOLOGY.  The thesis and research thereof may be used on our Internet Site.


An Honors Convocation may be held each year to recognize high scholastic attainment by individual students and superior dedication to teaching by individual faculty members.

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