St. Michael Academy of Eschatology
Founded 1985

St. Michael Academy

Fast Track
Associate of Christianity

Purpose: Student will learn the Bible and apply
acquired knowledge for ministrial work.

Requirements for Admission: If you hold a High School
Diploma or equivalent you have the requirements to enter
this ecclestiastical program upon approval.  Missionary
candidates are encouraged to take this course.

COST: $1,000 ($15 per semester credit hour).
Total hours: 60

This program is designed for you to work at your own pace.  E-mail each quiz
to . A grade of 80% is required to pass.

Click below to view specific course:

Introduction to Scripture: Course AC153 (7 Credits) details >
Teaches students to find answers on their own through use of concordances and helps

Modern Day Prophetics: Course AC227 (13 Credits) details >
Introduction to 20th century prophetics. Gioves a very light overview of several different perspectives.

Pentateuch: Course AC210 (8 Credits) details >
Detailed study of the first five books. Scripture reading emphasized above commentary.

Apostolic Faith Course AC112 (9 Credits) details >
In depth study of the apostles, their authority, their anointing, and the apostolic Faith.

Judaic Kingdom Course AC203 (9 Credits) details >
Thoroughly examines the Davidic dynastic period.

New Covenant Course AC234 (8 Credits) details >
Explores the real meaning of the New Manna and the New Wine and its significance for the Church today.

Canon/Translation/Interpretation: Course AC102 (6 Credits) details >
Throughly examines the science of Scripture interpretation and the problem with translation. Examines some canons and interprets thought behind canons.

Total Credits = 60

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