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Course 153

This course teaches students to find answers on their own through use of a concordance.  Students will be familiarized with the contents of the bible.  There are fourteen (14) lessons.  One quiz is due at the completion of each lesson segment.

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Answer the quiz questions using a short response. E-mail quiz to and an 80% mastery is required.

Lesson 1

  1. Who's son was Absalom and for what was he noted? 
  2. What is an allegory?  In what passage of the Bible is the word used?
  3. What does the word "Alleluia" mean?
  4. What is the meaning of the word "apocrypha"?
  5. What is the scriptural meaning of the phrase, "apple of the eye"?
  6. Explain in 25 or more what St. John 10:10 means to you.
  7. Read all the Book of St. Matthew and explain in 25 or more on one of the following subjects.
    • Virgin Birth of Christ
    • The Parables of Christ
    • The All Sufficient Christ
    • The Value of Prayer
  8. How many Bridesmaids in the gospel of St. Matthew had enough oil?
  9. Who is the Bridegroom?
  10. True or False The oil to trim the lamp of a bridesmaid is worshipping Christ in spirit and truth.


Lesson 2

  1. Name the arks of the Bible.
  2. Who or what was Baal or Balaam?  What is peculiar about the use of the name in the Bible?
  3. Babylon of today has what qualities?
  4. Who was Balaam and what did he do? 
  5. In ancient times when a Jew shaved off his beard, what did that indicate?
  6. Read all the Acts and write a review of the life of Peter and Paul.
  7. When did we get the word Bible?  When and by whom was it first used and in what sense?
  8.  Explain in 25 words or more one of the sermon subjects below:
    Sermon Subjects:
    • The Lost Christ
    • Lord, I Will Follow Thee
    • Be Ye Thankful
    • David, The Giant Slayer
  9. True or False  There exists a Babylon today in history.
  10. True or False  Babylon is located by water.


Lesson 3

  1. Which of the 3 Gospels were written before Matthew?
  2. Under the Law of Moses, how were clean birds distinguished from the unclean?
  3. How were blasphemers punished by the Israelites?
  4. Explain the 3 anointings.
  5. Explain the 5-fold ministry.
  6. Read all of St. John.  Give a short summary of some 5-10 outstanding events that happened.
  7. What does St. John 3, verses 5,6,7 mean?  Explain in 25 words.
  8. What is the earliest mention of the Books in the Bible?
  9. Explain in 25 words or more one of the sermon subjects below:
    Sermon Subjects:
    • A man qualified.
    • A man was very courageous.
    • A man was anointed.
    • A man was talented.
  10. True or False  Repentance leads to salvation.


Lesson 4

  1. Of what materials were the bricks of the ancient Hebrews made?
  2. Where in the Bible do you find how to cover a multitude of sins?  Chapter and verse please.  Why do you think this happens?
  3. Were burnt offerings voluntary or compulsory under the Mosaic Law?
  4. What was Cain's business and was he older or younger than Abel?
  5. What does Acts 1:8 mean?  Is it for the Church today?  Please explain in 25 words.
  6. What do you believe about Acts 2:4?  Explain what it means in 25 words.
  7. Read all the Book of Job and list the three names of his friends who thought they knew why he was being punished by God.
  8. Choose one topic below and explain in your own words using 25 words or more:
    Sermon Subjects:
    • A man was worthy.
    • A man was valiant.
    • A man was prudent.
    • A man was handsome, comely.
  9. True or False The Body and Blood of Christ is not a memorial but reality.
  10. True or False The Body and Blood of Christ is a mystery of the church.


Lesson 5

  1. What made Canna of Galilee famous?  Is its site definitely known today?
  2. Read all of St. Mark.  What does Chapter 16, verses 15, 16, 17 and 18 mean?
  3. Where did the land of Canaan get its name?  What is the meaning of the word Canaan?
  4. To what position did the title Captain usually refer to among the Romans?
  5. How many times was the Jewish nation carried into captivity and by what nations? (Name a few times and by what nation.)
  6. As used in the Bible, what does the word "Campaign" mean?
  7. What do you know about the Cherubim of the Bible?
  8. Name the cities of refuge and why were they so called?
  9. Choose one topic below and using 25 words or less explain.
    Sermon Subjects:
    • A man met opposition.
    • A man misunderstood.
    • A man ridiculed.
    • A man with a motive.
  10. True or False  Once saved always saved.  Meaning that a person never can backslide.


Lesson 6

  1. How many kinds of chariots are mentioned in the Bible?
  2. In what respects is the climate of Palestine unusual?
  3. What is the literal meaning of the word "Comforter" as used in the Old Testament?  In the New Testament?
  4. Is the word "conversation used in the Bible?  If so, what is it used to denote?
  5. What does St. John 3:16 mean to you?  Explain in 25 words or less.
  6.  Make a chart listing all the kings of Judah, listing at least 3 the kings of Israel, approximate times of reign.  Include the actions before The Lord.  His reaction to them.  And what either pleased or displeased Him concerning them. List scripture references please.
  7. Where in the Bible does it say "He bore our infirmity and by His stripes we are healed"?
  8. List some of the idols that rebellious Israel worshipped instead of The Lord.  What was The Lord's reaction, His prophecies concerning Israel because of their false idols and site scripture accounts of His fulfilling His pronouncements on rebellious Israel? List scripture references please.
  9. Choose one topic and using 25 words explain.
    Sermon Subjects:
    • Trust In The Lord
    • The Pure in Heart
    • Love Thy Neighbor
    • God is a Very Present Help
  10. True or False  The Old Testament fulfills the New Testament and therefore both are of equal importance.


Lesson 7

  1. Find an Old and New Testament reference to God sending a lie. Read all the circumstances concerning these special occasions and comment using short response.  God did this.   Do you see any comparisons to these situations?  Site a few scripture references.  
  2. What was a Corban?
  3. What were the courses of the Temple?
  4. Read all the Book of James and summarize in 5 sentences or more.
  5. Read all the Book of Jeremiah and highlight 4or more important messages.
  6. Who founded Damascus?
  7. Was Cyrus a friend or an enemy of the Jews and by what notable act did he indicate which he was?
  8. What king was healed and 15 years added to his life?
  9. What king carried Daniel into captivity?
  10. Who had him cast into the lion's den and why?


Lesson 8

  1. How many kings by the name of Darius are mentioned in the Bible?
  2. What sort of woman was the mother of David?
  3. Was David close to his brothers?
  4. How many brothers did he have?
  5. Describe some of David's characteristics.
  6. How did he first come in contact with Saul?
  7. What prophet's mother did the priest think was drunk in the Temple?
  8. Were polished diamonds known to the ancient Hebrews?
  9. Is the word "diamond" in the Bible?
  10. Read the Book of Ezekiel.  Give a brief synopsis in 25 words or less.


Lesson 9

  1. To what did the ancients attribute the origin of diseases?
  2. Were divorces permitted under the Mosaic Law?
  3. How were dogs looked upon by the ancient Jews?
  4. Explain in short response the scripture 2 Corinthians 9:6.
  5. Explain the meaning of the word "sparingly" and to what is it related?
  6. Read 1 and 2 Timothy and explain 2 Timothy 2: 1,3,4,5,and 6.
  7. Read all 1 Corinthians.  Explain using words of 25 or less:
    1 Corinthians 9: 13.  Is this related to 2 Timothy 2: 3-5? True or False
  8. Explain in 25 words or less how to be saved, born of Water, and of Spirit.  Use some scripture references.
  9. True or False  The Trinity is one in essence and undivided.
  10. True or False  The Nicene Creed is all truth.


Lesson 10

  1. Explain Romans 16: 18-22.  Do we sin more or less everyday?  In 25 words or more.
  2. Explain Galatians 5:1.  Are we free?  Can we stand?  Are we in bondage?  Do we have a yoke on us?  Explain in 25 or less words.
  3. Of what did the drink offering consist?
  4. Does the word "Easter" occur in the New Testament?  Chapter and verse please.
  5. Did the Jews consider it degrading to eat with people of another religion?
  6. Did Elijah leave any writings?  Give chapter and verse if so. 
  7. Read the Book of Revelations.  Give a brief comment on one chapter of your choice using 25 words or less.
  8. Were the ancient Hebrews familiar with the art of embroidery?
  9. Read the Book of Jude and in 5 sentences write a summary of his highlights.
  10.  True or False  Satan exists today.


Lesson 11

  1. Explain Ephesians 3:19 in your own words of 25 or less.
  2. What was Esther's name before she married?
  3. In 5 sentences summarize what Romans 8:10 means.
  4. Explain in 25 words or less, St. John 10: 26-28.
  5. What is the meaning of the name Eve
  6. What king carried Ezekiel into captivity?
  7. Was Ezekiel on of the greater prophets or minor prophets
  8. What is man's heart and what does it consist of?
  9. What is meant in the Bible about the "Avenger of Blood"?
  10. True or False  The grace period is over with.


Lesson 12

  1. Explain what is meant in the Bible about "Atonement".
  2. Read the Book of Daniel.  If you think it relates today which chapter(s)?
  3. Explain in 25 words or less Matthew 18:19.
  4. Read and think about these verses: St. John 15: 7 and 8.  Explain in short response.
  5. Read John 6.  What do you think the Lord was saying and why do you think some of His disciples walked with Him no more? Explain in short response.
  6. Explain in short response what Revelations 19:9 means.
  7. How does the Bible define "Faith"?  What is meant by "the fall of man"?
  8. Name at least three national Feasts and Festivals of the Hebrews and are they still being follow today?
  9. What were some of the special privileges enjoyed by the firstborn sons of the Hebrew families?
  10. What will happen when Christ comes back to earth?  Explain in short response.


Lesson 13

  1. Name the 9 spiritual gifts.
  2. What preacher did a fish swallow?
  3. At what time of the year did the great flood begin?  Give Chapter and verse.  How long did it last?
  4. What are "frontlets"?
  5. Were the Hebrews fond of games?
  6. How many nations of giants are mentioned in the Bible?
  7. Was glass known to the ancient Hebrews?
  8. Read the First Book of Samuel.  In short response explain events of importance.
  9. True or False  The women of the bible were important too.
  10. True or False  Mary, the mother of God, was immaculate, without sin.


Lesson 14

  1. Explain the nature of Jesus Christ's Kingdom.  Give scripture references please.
  2. What are some of the characteristics of the King of Glory?  Give some scripture references.
  3. Explain this scripture using short response: Ephesians 1: 18, 19.
  4. What is regeneration? Give chapter and verse.
  5. What does Water Baptism mean according to the Bible?
  6. How many forms of government did the Hebrews have from the time of Abraham to that of the Babylonian captivity?  Give scripture references if possible.
  7. What is a hart?
  8. What is a hind?
  9. What was a "heave offering"?
  10. True or False  The Trinity is undivided.



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