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This course provides a detailed study of the first five books of the Bible.  Holy Scripture is emphasized.

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Read entire lesson to answer the quiz questions using a short response. E-mail quiz to and an 80% mastery is required.

Lesson 1

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  1. How long were the Israelites in bondage to the Pharaohs of Egypt and who did God raise up to lead them out of this bondage?
  2. It took how many plagues before Pharaoh let the Hebrew population go and please name a few of the plagues.
  3. On the night of the 10th plague the Israelites were told by Moses who received his instruction from God to do what so that they would be spared.
  4. What are the elements for the Passover?
  5. What is the first feast that marks the beginning of the Jewish calendar?
  6. We have been freed of the power of sin by what?
  7. Explain the first Lord’s supper and how is it different from the Passover?  You may want to read St. Matthew chapter 26.
  8. What day was it when Jesus stood before Pilate.  You may want to read St. John 19:14
  9.  What does “artos” mean and why was this type of bread used for the Last Supper?
  10.  Is the bread used for the Passover leavened or unleavened?
  11.  Explain the spoon and feather game.
  12.  True or False  As the Israelites were eating their Passover Jesus, The Lamb of God, was hanging on the cross.
  13.  True or False  Christians today eat the manna from heaven and not the manna referenced in the Old Testament.
  14.  What is the meaning of the scripture referenced in St. John 6:53?
  15.  When did the Great Schism happen?
  16.  Name one result of many that resulted from the Great Schism.
  17.  Is the sacrament of Holy Communion a symbol only?  Why or Why not?
  18.  What is theosis?
  19.  True or False  Holy Communion is a Holy Mystery.
  20. True or False  One must be a lover of the truth.


Lesson 2

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  1. What effect does a drop of contaminated blood have on the rest of the body?
  2. What is the spiritual effect on the spirit when one drop of contamination or error enters it?
  3. Why does spiritual contamination occur?
  4. What are the spiritual contaminates found in this writing?
  5. What is the law of GOD concerning the things that cause spiritual contamination in the Old Testament?
  6. In the past when the laws were disobeyed what did the GOD do to His people for such disobedience?
  7. Does GOD still handle disobedience is the same manner?
  8. This writing names The GOD who is GOD who came in the flesh.  Who is He?
  9. What was the High Honor given to Ic Xc?
  10. What is the cure for spiritual contamination?
  11. What process has to happen before the cure can be applied?
  12. Can you use modified versions of the cure? Are these modifications true and effective?
  13. What is Transubstantiation?
  14. What are errors in the handling of the Eucharist and why?
  15. Explain the True Manna from Heaven?
  16. What is the Bread of Life?
  17. What is the Commandment given by Jesus Christ to live forever?
  18. What is the cause of division or denominations?
  19. What is apostasy in the last days?
  20. What is the outcome of the apostasy and schisms in the Church?


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