BC401 - Gospel Bible Studies


Ten lessons highlighting teachings from the four Gospels using a multidimensional comparison approach. Great for inspirational Bible Studies. Classes of students or individuals studying on their own from home can get as deep into the Word of God as they wish and do so on their own schedule.

Degree & Track

St. Michael Academy is licensed in the state of Florida to offer ecclesiastical Bachelor of Theology degrees. To take this course the student must be enrolled in the Bachelor of Theology program or higher either on a full time, part time, or trial basis. To take the course on trial basis you may apply for the doctoral program after completing this course and apply this course toward the completion of your degree at that time. The Divinity program requires mastery of the subject as preparation for pastoral ministry. This course forms part of the "Fast Track" Bachelor of Theology program. The focus of the fast track is on rapid and effective preparation for the ministry of restoration, specifically, rather than on scholastic achievement. Therefore, some academic pre-requisites may be waived so long as an applicant can demonstrate adequate life experience. Even if you do not think you have sufficient academic background or transcripts, you may be considered for a doctoral degree and may be able to achieve it very rapidly. You are encouraged to apply.

To apply right now, click here. (This is the application for full or part time students).

Cost & Materials

All courses in the Fast Track Bachelor of Theology program may be taken on a part time basis or full time. All of the materials needed for this course are available online. Therefore there should be no additional cost for books, tapes, etc.

The Fast Track Bachelor of Theology program contains eight courses each costing $200.00. Cost of registration for Full Time (Degree Seeking) students is $1,800.00 for the whole program. Students who take courses on a Full Time (Degree Seeking) enjoy a savings of $44.00. Part time students pay a one-time processing charge of $44.00. Students pay $160 for thesis and students publish thesis at their own expense.


St. Michael Academy of Eschatology does not offer student loans but does offer a payment plan. There is no interest charge but it includes a processing charge of $40.00 depending on which plan is chosen.

  • Plan 1) Students wishing to apply for Full Time (Degree Seeking) status students may make payments of $200/month for eight months plus processing fee of $44.00.

  • Plan 2) Students wishing to apply for Full Time (Degree Seeking) status students may pay full tuition in one payment and the registration fee is waived.

  • Plan 3) Part-time (Degree Seeking) status students make payments of $133.00 for 12 months plus pay a processing fee of $44.00 before they enter the degree program.

Refund Policy

Once a course has been offered online the product must be considered delivered. Therefore there are no refunds available for courses taken online for which a course key has been delivered. Students who sign up for degree programs have up to three days to request a refund after payment is made. Refund amount covers courses not yet issued and may be partial. Payment processing fees still apply.


The St. Michael Academy of Eschatology vision of restoration presents both a financial and ministry opportunity for students who successfully complete the Master of Theology and/or Doctor of Divinity program and remain eligible as Associate or Adjunct Professors by completing three additional courses per year. These may serve either to supplement your income or to help raise funds for your local church or missions.

At the heart of the opportunity is the Satellite Class. Your church or other facility which has Internet access can host a Satlellite Class, which you lead in discussion groups. St. Michael Academy offers you 40% of course fees for the first ten students and 80% of course fees after the tenth student. You may share this revenue with your church to raise funds and build leaders in the ministry of restoration of Elijah all at the same time!

  • restores the churches and church leaders to the authentic apostolic faith
  • effectively prepares future pastors and missionaries for ministry
  • provides an effective fund raising opportunity for churches, missionaries or church planters
  • provides structured online classes for spiritual maturity in your local church through insightful Bible Classes

To get started right away simply try out an online course!



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