Denominations & APPROACH

Three Major Divisions of Christianity

St. Michael Academy of Eschatology welcomes Christians of all denominations to benefit from our course of study. We provide perspectives of Reformed, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christians in our courses. This fosters much needed mutual understanding and dialog, leaving the student better prepared for real ministry in the real world.

St. Michael Academy of Eschatology can be classified as interdenominational rather than non-denominational. The distinction is important because our scope is very broad. The designation "Non-Denominational" is usually a mask for a specific doctrine that is held and promoted rather than a true effort towards unity. At St. Michael Academy you can expect an atmosphere of academic freedom.

St Peter and St. Paul - a church  that we can see through the balance of witnesses.From the standpoint of authority and authorization, with respect to ordinations St. Michael Academy is under the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian National Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Exile. The first among equals of our bishops is the Metropolitan Archbishop Haralambos.

The UNAOCIE is a founding member of SCOBA, through Bishop Ilnysky, the Metropolitan's consecrating line. It was granted autocephaly through the Patriarch Gregorios VII of Constantinople in his tomos of 1924. This allows our bishops to ordain Orthodox priests and bishops who wish to minister and start churches within our own jurisdiction, (which is worldwide).

We also provide training and preparation for ordination for Christians of other jurisdictions. If the student intends to be ordained outside of the UNAOCIE we suggest discussing seminary attendance with the proposed ordaining authorities.

We know that a key component in the restoration of all things prior to the Lord's return is the benevolent dialog, learning, and uniting of the churches through a ministry of reconciliation to the undivided Christ who lives in our midst.

We take a critical approach to the church, hoping to discern the body rightly, that we may be fully united with the Lord together both individually and in community through three key things: the chalice, recognition of saints, and the resurrection. If you can agree on these three components then we believe you will feel very much at home in your vocational goals by pursuing your seminary education with us.

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