Why Fast Track?

The purpose of the fast track program is to prepare men and women for ministry effectively. Normally, these will be individuals who are already prepared through life experience. A great education does not necessarily mean information overload in an academic setting so much as it does focusing on what is important to ministry. The program is designed for those who are seeking ordination or rapid deployment to missions without exorbitant costs.
COST: There are eight courses in the Master of Christian Bible. The cost is $1000. A three day cancellation applies if you need a refund. You may make payments over time if necessary. There is a $50 to $100 processing fee for payment processing. Pay either $210/month for five months or $100/month for eleven months.

Fast Track Courses

MC503 - Christian Pastoral Counseling
PURPOSE  Counseling from a Christian perspective. Deals with issues of sexual morality, psychosis, healthy attitudes without discarding faith.
MC603 - Language Parameter
PURPOSE  Ancient languages and resources. Introduction and practice with the most common Hebrew and Greek Words. Some grammar discussed. Writing resources included.
MC613 – Scripture

PURPOSE  Biblical Studies, Languages, History of Religions. Introduction to Manuscript and Textual Analysis. This is a general overview of the Bible that introduces resources.
MC617 - Baptism & the Paschal Feast
PURPOSE  Explores the meaning of baptism and the death and resurrection of Jesus.


MC622 – Prophecy
PURPOSE  Explores eschatological subjects: Mystery Babylon and Prophecy of Israel.
MC633 - Early Church History
PURPOSE  This is an ecumenical church history course set chronologically from Pentecost through 727 AD, the date of the seventh ecumenical council.
MC701 – Legal Issues & Trends
PURPOSE This course provides students with an understanding of how legal law is used to protect and defend Church entities.
MC801 - Thesis Preparation
PURPOSE  Offers resources and rules for preparing and submitting an acceptable Masters Thesis. The same course also discusses Doctoral Dissertation requirements.



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