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Definitions: St. MAE does not have Spring, Fall and Summer terms. You may work at your own pace. You will have 16 weeks to complete any course you start, which is the length of a traditional college term. If you can complete modules faster you will be able to graduate faster. By choosing "Full Time" you will save money by entering what would be the traditional equivalent to a full time term of five courses in a semester. Some St. MAE scholarships require students to choose Full Time status. This means you will take a minimum of five courses every 16 weeks until graduation, with a minimum of ten courses per calendar year. Part Time students pay $150 per course. Full Time students pay $125 per course as long as their Full Time status applies. Non-Degree status is for those students who do not intend to pursue a degree. Cost per course is the same as Part Time. By choosing Part Time you are expressing your intention to pursue a degree. There is a five (5) year matriculation period requirement for all Part Time Degree Seeking students. If a student exceeds the required matriculation period for a degree, they may be required to repeat courses or exams as determined by St. MAE. to be awarded the degree they are seeking.

6. Documentation

Required -
(all students must provide the following documents)

All applicable high school and college transcripts (sealed/official)
Copy of Drivers License & Social Security
Signed Copy of Binding Agreement
$10 Application Fee Must be submitted with this application
Tuition payment must be made by date of registration. See calendar and schedule of fees.

Optional -
(only required for students seeking ordination)

Three (3) Letters of Clerical Recommendation
Copy of All Church Documentation that Applies (See Below)
Essay - Four (4) Handwritten Pages: "Why I Am Seeking this Course of Study and what I Hope to Do"

7. I am interested in the following degrees:

Associate of Christianity (60 hours)
Associate of Christian Pastoral Bible Counseling (60 hours)
Bachelor of Theology (120)
Bachelor of Christian Bible Counseling (120)
Master of Christian Bible (45 Post Graduate plus thesis)
Master of Christian Pastoral Bible Counseling (45 Post Graduate plus thesis)
Doctor of Christian Pastoral Bible Counseling (100 Post Graduate plus dissertation)
Doctor of Eschatology (100 Post Graduate plus dissertation)
Doctor of Divinity (100 Post Graduate plus Dissertation)
Doctor of Theology (100 Post Graduate plus Dissertation)
Historical Avocational Diver Course Program (Underwater Archaeology)
Doctor of Theology in Religious Historical Significant Artifacts & Biblical Archaeology Education (37 hours)
Non Degree Seeking
Adjunct Professorship (Requires Masters or Doctorate Degree in field - income opportunity)
Associate of any of the above (scholarship and/or income opportunity)

Goals & Thinking

8. My primary goal is the following:

Personal Enrichment & Spiritual Growth
Growth in Leadership in My Local Church
Local Outreach
I would like to set up my own St. MAE Satellite class as an associate - (fundraising or income opportunity)
Other as follows:

9.Doctrinal Thinking. Check all that apply:

I believe in the apostle's creed. If not explain:
I believe the Holy Spirit is present in people of many Christian denominations
I believe that bread and wine are changed into the body and blood of Jesus Christ by priests
I believe every word of the Bible is true in its original form
I believe in the intercession of saints like Mary, Peter and John
I believe that the Holy Spirit is being poured out in a latterday rain over all the earth as Joel prophesied
I believe that we are living in the last days and that Jesus will return very soon

10. St. Michael Academy accepts Christians of all denominations. What is your denominational background?

11a. What are your greatest strengths & talents? Please describe:

11b. Life Experience. Please tell us about any experience(s) you have which might qualify you to start at a higher level of study. These are things you would like us to know about yourself that would not appear in your transcripts:

Church Data

12. Church Documentation:
(Please copy all that apply and send with transcripts - only required for those students seeking ordination)

Baptismal Certificate
Other Sacramental Certifications
Marriage Certificate. (If Divorced or annulled, please copy documentation with explanation)
Ordinations & Certificates (copy any documentation you have and provide explanation)

13. Church Contact Info:
(only required for those students seeking ordination)

Pastor's Name:
Phone Number:
Church Address:

14, Involvement:
Tell us about the ways in which you have served your church and the ways in which you are currently active in your church.

15: Perception:
Are there any ways in which you feel your church could improve? Please describe.

Personal Data

16. Gender

17. Date of Birth: / / (mm/dd/yyyy)
Place of Birth:

18. Marital Status

19. Number of Children

20. Names of Family Members

21. Disability Status:
In order to provide services to disabled students, the College is asking for VOLUNTARY Self-identification of students with a specific disability. This information will be confidential and will be used for the sole purpose of aiding to achieve his/her fullest potential. Check any that apply.

Physical Impairment (P)
Speech Impairment (S)
Hearing Impairment (H)
Visual Impairment (V)
Learning Impairment (L)
Other Health Impairment (O)


22. Name(s) of High School(s) attended:
23a. Date of Graduation / / (mm/dd/yyyy)

23b. GED DATE / / (mm/dd/yyyy)
State of Issue

24. List any languages you speak fluently:

25. Colleges and Universities
List all post secondary colleges or universities you've attended. Include dates you attended and number of credits earned..

(Omission of any institutions you have attended constitutes falsification of records and voids application)

Name(s) of other institutions:City/State - Dates Attended - Degrees Earned - Credits Earned

26. Are you applying for transfer of credits or degrees from any of the above?
If so, please explain


27. Please list all places of employment you have worked for one year or longer. Provide dates you worked, phone number and address for each employer:

Financial Information

Payment Plan (Check if you want to be on a Paymen Plan ($100 processing fee applies)
Note: Students on the St. MAE payment plan pay are $200/month until all courses taken are paid in full. Current cost for Part Time and Non-Degree Seeking students is $150/course. If you enter as a Full Time student cost is reduced to $125/course. You must purchase five or more courses to be considered a Full Time student, completing a minimum of five courses every sixteen weeks until your designated degree is completed.. There is no interest charge. A $100 non-refundable Payment Plan processing fee applies and is due on acceptance of your application, along with your first payment. Students who opt out of the payment plan pay for a minimum of five (5) courses in advance. Cost is $625.

Refund Policy:
You must check this box in order to acknowledge that you have read the St. Michael Acadmy Refund Policy below:

By checking this box you agree to pay St. Michael Academy of Eschatology for the courses you request based on the payment plan you choose. All refund requests must take place within three (3) business days of submission of the application. Students on Payment Plans must pay for all courses they register for even if they do not complete the courses. All Payment Plans which continue beyond the three day refund period must be paid in full at the $200/month payment plan rate until all completed courses are fully paid for.

28b. How do you plan to finance your seminary education? (Check all that apply)
Personal Savings, Other Resources
Support from Family
Personal Employment
Spouse's Employment
Scholarships (please explain source)
Grants (If so, from whom?)
Loans (If so, what sort?)
Other (If so, what?)
Are you applying for financial assistance from St. Michael Academy of Eschatology? (If so, please complete a financial aid application).
Do you have any outstanding loans whose payment terms depend on your student status?

29a. St. Michael Academy offers work opportunities for students in need of financial assistance. Sometimes this may apply for credit. Check below where appropriate if you would be interested in helping in any of the following ways:

Moderating forums on line
Developing courses
Providing research
Transcribing offline materials for use on the web
Translation of courses
Set up St. MAE Satellite Classes locally

29b. How did you hear about us?

Browsing the Internet
I am attending a Satellite Class
Pastor recommended it
Heard from a friend
Newspaper or Periodical
Bulletin at Church

Signature & Contract

30. I understand that falsification or omission of any information may result in my rejection or dismissal by the college.

Please submit application online. Afterwards print the application, complete fully and sign in ink. Include your transcripts and any other documentation that is required with your signed application.

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