Fast Track

St. Michael Academy of Eschatology is proud to announce our online Fast Track program. This program is designed to prepare students quickly for leadership and ministry, with minimum expense, in minimum time, and with maximum effectiveness and maximum flexibility and convenience - all at once. We understand that academics are a tool for spiritual preparation, not the object of it. The focus of the Fast Track program is the mission, not learning in and of itself. You will find these courses to be lively, directed, uplifting, visionary, and well worth sharing. Some courses are useful for those offering Home Bible Studies and Fellowships. Others will work well for Classes in your local church. Be sure to also check out our "Opportunity" page because our Satellite Classes may also serve to raise funds for your church or missions.

Fast Track Doctor of Divinity

Designed for serious students who are called to missions or pastors, including priestly orders. There are ten core courses (modules) required. Adult students with life experience may enter without prior academic credentials in many cases, so long as they can demonstrate proficiency. Course Details Here …

  1. (DC717) Current Eschatology
  2. (DC708) Christian Psychology
  3. (DC767) Evangelism & Soteriology
  4. (DC810) Language Perimeter
  5. (DC870) Church History Analysis
  6. (DC840) Church Organization & Administration
  7. (DC727) Teaching Practicum
  8. (DC757) Comparative Homeletics
  9. (DC801) Liturgical Rites
  10. (DC815) Canon Law

Fast Track Master of Christian Bible

  1. (MC503) Christian Pastoral Counseling
  2. (MC603) Language Peremiter
  3. (MC613) Scripture
  4. (MC617) Baptism & the Paschal Feast
  5. (MC622) Prophecy
  6. (MC633) Early Church History
  7. (MC801) Thesis Preparation
  8. *(FREE555) Chivalric Orders. (This course has Public Access)
  9. (CNS302) Intro. To Mental Health Counseling

Fast Track Bachelor of Theology

Designed for students who want to become clergy, lead home Bible Studies, classes in their churches, small groups, or study from home and prepare for the prerequisites of a higher degree. Course Details Here …

  1. (BC153) Study in Orthodox Christianity
  2. (BC353) Searching the Scripture/Bible Study 2
  3. (BC302) History of the Church/Apostolic Perspective
  4. (BC401) Gospels/Bible Studies (This course has Public Access)
  5. (BC403) Reconciliation and Restoration
  6. (BC406) New Covenant 2
  7. (BC422) Language Perimeter (This course has Public Access)
  8. *(FREE555) Chivalric Orders. (This course has Public Access)
Addendum Program: BC432

Students will develop appreciation for religious significant artifacts from salve and exploration expeditions. Video classwork with manual.

  1. (BC432) Basic Avocational Sports

Fast Track Associate of Christianity

Designed for the newcomer to the Christian faith who nevertheless realizes they are being called to use their God given ability to lead. The primary focus is on the Bible itself. The format is rudimentary, but essential for beginners. Course Details Here …

  1. (AC153) Introduction to Scripture
  2. (AC227) Modern Day Prophetics
  3. (AC216) Pentateuch
  4. (AC112) Apostolic Faith
  5. (AC203) Judaic Kingdom
  6. (AC234) New Covenant 1
  7. (AC102) Canon/Translation Interpretation

Bachelor Studies

  1. (ARC917) Religious Significant Artifacts Pertaining to Holy Sacraments
  2. (ARC927) Church Cultural Affiliations & Hierarchical Influences in the 1600's Spanish Culture
  3. (ARC937) Dictates of the Holy Orders and the Politics with Catholic Spain
  4. (ARC947) Religious Interpretives and Biblical Archaeology
  5. (ARC950) Biblical/Prophetic Archaeology and the Reformation Catholic Inquisition
  6. (ARC999) Published Dissertation

Prophecy Track

  1. (PPY602)The Elijah Ministry

Other Studies

Associate of Christian Pastoral Bible Counseling

Those pursuing the Associates of Christian Pastoral Bible Counseling degrees must complete 36 hours of non-elective courses from the Associates of Christianity degree above plus 24 hours from the core counseling track below …

Counseling Track
  1. (CNS302) Introduction to Mental Health Counseling

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