Bachelor of Theology (Chaplains course) - Fast Track Program

Why Fast Track?

The purpose of the fast track program is to prepare men and women for ministry effectively. Normally, these will be individuals who are already prepared through life experience. A great education does not necessarily mean information overload in an acadmeic setting so much as it does focusing on what is important to ministry. The program is designed for those who are seeking ordination or rapid deployment to missions without exhorbitant costs.

COST: There are ten courses in the Bachelor Fast Track Program. The cost is $1000. A three day cancellation applies if you need a refund. You may make payments over time if necessary. There is a $50 to $100 processing fee for payment processing. Pay either $210/month for five months or $100/month for eleven months.

Fast Track Courses

BC153 - Study in Orthodox Christianity

Teaches students about the genuinely apostolic Orthodox faith dating from Pentecost..

BC353 - Searching the Scripture/Bible Study 2

Students search the Holy Scriptures for answers to questions from the Old and New Testament.

BC302 - History of the Church - Apostolic Perspective

This is an overview of the history of the Church which includes a look at the Divine Liturgy and its meaning

BC401 - Gospels Bible Studies

Ten lessons highlighting teachings from the bible. Great for bible inspirational studies.

BC403 - Reconciliation and Restoration

Teaching principles for healing using scripture and testimony.

BC406 - New Covenant 2

Explores the real meaning of the New Manna and the New Wine and its significance for the Church today.

BC422 - Language Perimeter

Use beginning Hebrew and Greek to gain a better understanding of the scripture and its interpretation.









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